JR Propo Servo NXB89G 6/7.4V 0.040.03S/60° 7/7.5kg 83g

JR Propo Servo NXB89G 6/7.4V 0.040.03S/60° 7/7.5kg 83g
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Torque:4.5(4.8V)/7.0(6.6V)/7.5(7.4V)kg・cm Speed:0.05(4.8V)/0.04(6.6V)/0.03(7.4V) Sec/60°... mehr
Produktinformationen "JR Propo Servo NXB89G 6/7.4V 0.040.03S/60° 7/7.5kg 83g"

Speed:0.05(4.8V)/0.04(6.6V)/0.03(7.4V) Sec/60°



NX Servos - Programmable Wide Voltage XBus compatible servos has been released.

JR is pleased to announce the release of our new XBus NX series servos, allowing not only serial servo connection, but also individual servo programming with servo adjustments to suit every application.

Highlights :
The NX range of servos automatically detect the type of output they are plugged into - conventional receiver PWM outputs, or XBus. This means NX series servos are XBus compatible, and also compatible with PWM receiver signals without any converter, allowing modelers to use conventional receiver systems.
* Compatible receiver systems : DMSS · DSMJ · 72MHz · 40MHz

When used on a JR XBus system, the NX series servos can be programmed in ways not previously possible. No additional programming device is necessary these servos can be setup using a JR XG series transmitter.

Changes made to servo programming are immediately apparent. Not only can servo direction and travel be adjusted, but it is now possible to fine tune servo gain, dead band and boost to suit your aircraft and desired response. This precise setup allows servo hunting to be eliminated and precise feel maintained.

High Performance Brushless motor equipped !

[Purpose of use] Tail rudder servo for helicopter

[diemension] 39.5 x 21 x 40.5mm
[Length of lead harness] 300mm
[Operating Voltage] 4.5V-8.5V
· Metal Gears
· Double ball bearings
· High performance Brushless Servo
· Heat Sink Case
· MPU : 32 Bit
· Control Frequency : 1 kHz 《XBus 1 kHz/PWM 333Hz》
· Neutral : 1500μSec.

* Do not use this servo under the different voltage other than specified
* If used on a large control surface - typically aileron, rudder, elevator or flap on an airplane, Digital servos (DS · MP · MPH series) may move slightly around center while on the ground.
This is an expected phenomenon, and will not occur in the air.

Typ: Digital
Art: NX Servo, X-Bus
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